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Skiller Lyngby Porcelaen

Italian designer Joe Colombo (1930–1971) was a big fan of democratic, functional design. He designed flexible, adaptable objects and furniture, intended to be used in many different ways – all for the benefit of the user and the consumer.

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One of these designs is his “2-in-1 glass”, designed in 1965. The design comprised two separate glasses of different sizes, melded together at the bottom.

Now, Lyngby Porcelæn is bringing the distinctive shape of the “2-in-1 glass” to life. Not as a double drinking glass, however, but as a superb, straight vase. We have adjusted the sizes and colours in relation to the original design and are now launching the Joe Colombo mouth-blown glass vase in four different colour combinations.

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Three easy-to-create, beautiful bouquets

There are many different ways to use your Lyngby vases. The biggest, most expensive bouquets of flowers are not necessarily the most beautiful. Here are three different ideas that do not require a whole flower shop. In the video, we used the Form vase on the left, Lyngby Porcelæn in the middle, and Joe Colombo 2-in-1 on the right. 

Find the vases from video here: 

> Form vase
> Lyngby vase
> Joe Colombo 2-in-1

Lyngby porcelæn

Generations of perseverance, classic elegance & respect.


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