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Skiller Lyngby Porcelaen

When the Lyngby vase was first introduced in the late 1930s, the oblong grooves shapes and elegant simplicity were entirely new. The unique aesthetics were strongly influenced by the functionalist Bauhaus movement, where the spotlight was on form and functionality – not just on lavish embellishment.

Fitting #01

Lyngby Fitting #01, 230V

Dark grey, 15 cm
EUR 67,00

Lyngby Fitting #01, 230V

Matt camel, 15 cm
EUR 67,00

Fitting #02

Lyngby Fitting #02

white, Ø 12 cm
EUR 95,00

Fitting #03

Fitting is an elegant porcelain fitting inspired by the classic grooves of the Lyngby vase. It is the work of Danish designer Philip Bro Ludvigsen, who has designed a great many lamps and lampshades for LE KLINT. The classic design works well in the kitchen, living room or hallway; the white fitting is mounted on a white silicone and fabric cord, and you can complement it with round, elliptical or angular bulbs.

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Lyngby porcelæn

Generations of perseverance, classic elegance & respect.


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