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Florals in abundance

Spring 2018

Florals have long been an international mega-trend. Particularly in the interior design universe, where floral patterns and colours feature prominently on textiles, rugs and wallpapers. Right now, however, the fashion for flowers is taking a detour, focusing on the art of floristry – a discipline that puts renewed focus on the bouquet as a statement piece and interior design object, appealing to the flower arranger in all of us. However, there can be no bouquet without a vase. For that reason, Lyngby Porcelæn is now following through on the flower trend with a new interpretation of the world-famous Lyngby vase that celebrates its roots in art porcelain and is just the thing for flower arrangers with its supersized flower stem motif.

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Lighting design on a Lyngby footing

Spring 2018

In recent years, Lyngby Porcelæn has been launching new designs and relaunching modern classics. This has taken the brand in a different direction from its “Lyngby vase” signature design. Nevertheless, many people still essentially associate the brand with minimalism and industrial sculptural, as reflected in the history of Danish porcelain. This DNA is still very much in evidence in this spring’s new product, created in cooperation with the Formgiverne design studio. Cecilie Toklum and Robert Larsen are the people behind Formgiverne. They have set classic Lyngby styling in a contemporary context with a modern design for a candle holder, paying tribute to its undeniable origins in the vase even as it invites you to create your very own light sculpture.

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Darling of design in a free glaze

Spring 2018

The Lyngby vase is one of the most popular icons of Danish design history. This industrial-design vase is familiar in Denmark and internationally, with its orderly grooves exuding Bauhaus references, and turning the Danish minimalist design tradition into applied art. Even icons may benefit from refreshing, however. That is why, in recent years, the Lyngby vase has been produced in different colours, each shedding new light on the original white design, and now Lyngby Porcelæn is giving even more free rein to the creative forces. Spring 2018 will see the introduction of three brand-new variants of the vase. An experimental glaze running down the side gives this iconic design a completely new nonchalance and a hint of uniqueness, with white, black and rose-pink glazes applied by hand, making each vase one of a kind.

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Lyngby Porcelain: very fitting!

Autumn 2017

Since its modern-day relaunch, Lyngby Porcelain has been synonymous with the vase of the same name. With its sophisticated yet raw grooves, the Lyngby vase draws on references to both Art Deco and industrial design, and in recent years the ridged porcelain has been translated into several other utility designs. One such is Philip Bro Ludvigsen’s minimalist porcelain light fitting, Fitting #1, which uses just a few steps to build bridges between functionality and aesthetics, and gives the Nordic lighting culture a completely new look. This autumn, Lyngby Porcelain is following up on Philip Bro Ludvigsen’s brilliant success with the launch of Fitting #3. This is an innovative table lamp design with a difference that may not look like much but makes a big impact when the light streams from the naked bulb, casting a poetic glow across the glossy white porcelain.  

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A new take on an old porcelain classic

Spring 2017

Most people associate Lyngby Porcelain with the Lyngby vase signature design, but there is much more to the legendary porcelain brand than one design icon. Since its establishment in 1936, Lyngby Porcelain has made a distinctive mark on the story of Danish porcelain. Following the relaunch in 2012, the brand has moulded design classics as well as new porcelain and glass designs. In 2017, the Rosendahl Design Group is starting a new chapter in the history of this darling of Danish porcelain design. With the acquisition of Lyngby Porcelain in autumn 2016, Scandinavia’s leading multi-brand design house intends to make the most of original products from the back-catalogue, while also supplementing the collection with trend-setting, contemporary designs that pay homage to the innovative spirit of Lyngby Porcelain.

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