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Prolong the summer with a beautiful table arrangement of flowers in vibrant colours. Don’t be afraid to mix colours to create a really striking colour palette. It’s important to work with vases of different heights to create a sense of movement in your floral arrangement. For the most beautiful result use clear or transparent coloured glass. This provides a simple, understated base for flowers of many colours and shapes.



Lyngby Porcelæn, Lyngby vasen, Lyngby, Rhombe, brudgaranti, stel, pynt med blomster, blomsterdekoration, vaser, buketter, lav selv, tips og tricks
Lyngby Porcelæn, Lyngbyvasen, Lyngby, Rhombe, brudgaranti, stel,

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Here’s what to do:

Find a variety of flowers in the garden, or get some inspiration from your florist’s selection. Go ahead and select various types, preferably between two and five of each. Bear in mind that your selection of flowers will include different shapes and styes, including delicate flowers, strong blooms, climbers, flowers with round, soft heads, or star-shaped heads. Mix the colours to your heart’s content. On the worktop, we are working with colours ranging from white, yellow and peach to orange, pink, red, burgundy and lilac.

Place your flowers on the worktop so you can see what you’ve got.  Clean the flowers, removing all the leaves or just tidy them up, leaving one or two leaves attached. Keep the most delicate flowers in a bucket of water until they are ready to be used.

Spread your vases and bonbonnières along the centre of the table . Think in terms of varying heights to create dynamic-looking bouquets in the vases. Pour water in the vases. Start with the trailing flowers so they can trail along the table. Then place the larger flowers in the bottom of the vases, in the small bonbonnières, and evenly distributed in the various other vases. Next, place the light grasses and flowers, letting them dance elegantly above the other flowers. Position the long rose hip twig to hover above the arrangement and draw the dark colour of the chestnuts on the table up into the arrangement.

Play around as you proceed and consider a sense of movement in your floral table decoration; work high and low, with delicate and coarse, light and dark elements, using flowers of different shapes and styles.

Remember to leave room for plates, glasses and other dinnerware.

*Remember to cut all the stems diagonally to maximise their absorption of water




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Photographer: Andreas Mikkel Hansen

Lyngby Porcelæn, Lyngbyvasen, Lyngby, Rhombe, brudgaranti, stel,


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Lyngby Porcelæn, Lyngbyvasen, Lyngby, Rhombe, brudgaranti, stel,

Lyngby porcelæn

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