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The elegant eggs make a beautiful Easter invitation

Precision tools and a high level of professional skill are demanded when the small, elegant Easter eggs in the finest porcelain are shaped, baked and glazed. It is this meticulousness that Lyngby Porcelæn has adopted to create the Easter egg that you will want to hang as soon as the Christmas decorations are packed away. The egg and Easter have been closely connected for many years as part of Danish tradition. It is said that the chick breaking out of the egg symbolises the resurrection of Jesus.’

Paaske SS20 Easter 1 500X600px

Paaske SS20 Easter 2 500X600px


Rhombe Easter ornament

Warm grey, 7,5 cm
EUR 18,00

Rhombe Easter ornament

Dark camel, 7,5 cm
EUR 18,00

Rhombe Easter hanger

White, 7,5 cm
EUR 18,00

Rhombe Easter hanger

Light Green, 7,5 cm
EUR 18,00

Rhombe Easter hanger

Lavender, 7,5 cm
EUR 18,00

Rhombe Easter hanger

Soft yellow, 7,5 cm
EUR 18,00

Borddaekning2 Paaske Ophaeng 500X500px

Borddaekning1 Paaske Ophaeng 500X500px


Decorative eggs - in four delicate pastel colours

The decorative eggs are beautiful alone or in company with several others and look lovely in a window or on fine, budded branches. The Rhombe Easter eggs can easily sit on the spring branches going into May - especially if you make a small, personal "lifehack" by replacing the elegant silk ribbons with, for example, a string of light core leather.

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DIY2 Bordkort Paaske 500X500px

DIY: Make your own table cards

The Easter hangers can be used for much more than hanging on a branch. Use the hangings as beautiful table cards for the Easter lunch.

All you need is:

  • Rhombe Easter hanging

  • Feather

  • leather Cord

  • Wood or paper to write on

Billede1 Paaske Rhombevase Ophaeng 500X750px

Billede2 Paaske Rhombevase Ophaeng 500X750px

Billede3 Paaske Rhombevase Ophaeng 500X750px

Lyngby porcelæn

Generations of perseverance, classic elegance & respect.


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