Lyngby Fitting #02

white, Ø 12 cm
EUR 95,00

Lyngby Tealight holder

white, 2 pcs., Ø 6,5 cm
EUR 34,00

Rhombe Oval serving dish

white, 35 cm x 26,5 cm
EUR 55,00

Rhombe Serving bowl

white, Ø 17,5 cm
EUR 39,00

Rhombe Serving bowl

white, Ø 22 cm
EUR 55,00

Rhombe Etagere

white, Ø 27 cm
EUR 67,00

Rhombe Decoration Bauble

dark grey, Ø 7 cm
EUR 19,00

Rhombe Decoration Bauble

silver, Ø 7 cm
EUR 25,00
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The perfect add-on for any design lover

Autumn 2018

While still preserving a rich handcraft tradition, Lyngby Porcelæn constantly devises new ways to interpret the iconic fluting of beautifully-made porcelain in contemporary design. The newest introduction may be small, but it creates an impressive effect on a table, window sill or shelf. For these new tealight holders, Lyngby Porcelæn has re-worked the width of the fluting, and the combination of wide and narrow grooves produces a surprisingly contemporary, yet very recognizable, design. And of course, the tealight holders bear the coveted Lyngby Porcelæn's stamp on the bottom, so you know you're holding a real piece of porcelain history in your hand.

Lyngby Porcelæn Tealight Holders come in a set of two pieces, with each set priced at EUR 34.00 (RRP). 

The new products will be available from mid-September.

Skiller Lyngby Porcelaen

A Bauhaus lamp with well-known fluting

Autumn 2018

With its clean design and well-known fluting, the new Fitting #02 pendant is a beautiful addition to Lyngby Porcelæn's beloved design universe. Is it possible to design a lamp where the shade and bulb come together to create a harmonious whole? The answer is yes – and the proof is Fitting #02, the latest addition to Lyngby Porcelæn's ever-expanding range of design objects with classical elegance and contemporary appeal. Fitting #02 is a refined, simple lamp with exquisite details in the finest white porcelain. Sleek, straight lines and elegant circles come together effortlessly in a design that clearly references the popular Bauhaus style.

Lyngby Porcelæn Fitting #02 measures Ø12 cm and is priced at EUR 95.00 (RRP). The matching LED light bulb is priced at EUR 27.00 (RRP).

The new product will be available from mid-September.

Skiller Lyngby Porcelaen

Rhombe-stel inviterer til både high tea og high table. Hver dag

Autumn 2018

This autumn, new products will be added to Lyngby Porcelæn's stylish Rhombe range. The refined relief pattern can now also be enjoyed on serving dishes, dishes, cups and an elegant etagere. Since the launch of the first items in the popular Rhombe range in 2014, there has been a great demand to expand the series. Rhombe fans can now look forward to even more items, such as bowls, serving dishes, etagere and mugs. Lyngby Porcelæn has been listening attentively and now launches new additions to the Rhombe set this autumn.

Rhombe serving dish, 32 x 24 cm and serving dishes, ø 17.5 and ø 22cm in dish-washer safe porcelain are priced at EUR 55.00, 39.00 and 55.00 (RRP) respectively. Rhombe etagere with two tiers, one measuring 27 cm and the other 23 cm, is priced at EUR 67.00 (RRP). Rhombe double-walled mug, 26 cl, in dishwasher-safe porcelain is priced at EUR 27.00 (RRP). 

The new collection will be available from mid-September.

Skiller Lyngby Porcelaen

A golden age for the Rhombe bauble

Autumn 2018

This year's new colours for the Rhombe decorative bauble are sure to delight incarnated Christmas lovers. Gold, silver and a deep, dark grey bring an elegant touch to everything from a single ornamental branch to the living room’s beautiful, classic Christmas tree. The simple, expressive pattern on the classic Rhombe decorative baubles fits perfectly with the minimalistic tone of a Scandinavian Christmas. But Christmas comes just once a year, so why not give the house an extra splash of luxurious decadence? The new Rhombe baubles in silver or gold rise to that decorative decadence with convincing style.

Rhome Bauble (Ø 8.5 cm) is priced at EUR 20.00 (RRP) in dark grey and at EUR 25.00 (RRP) in gold or silver. The Rhome collection includes baubles in light green, nude, bordeaux, white, midnight blue, grey, Copenhagen green and light pink, or as a bell in white.

The new collection will be available from mid-September.

Skiller Lyngby Porcelaen

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