Han Gallery / Pili Wu

The HAN Gallery is in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Working with a small group of selected international designers, they specialise in delving into the rich cultural heritage of China, combining traditional and modern production methods – in order to create some absolutely unique works of art.

Taiwanese designer Pili Wu (1986) graduated from Shih-Chien University, specialising in industrial design. The cultural influence seen in his work is not the kind of Chinese cultural heritage we typically see in museums. Instead, it is a combination of all the artistic and sensual impressions he draws from his own life in Taiwan.

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Suspension lamp, 230V

White, Ø 18 cm
EUR 209,00

Candle holder

White, 12 cm
EUR 65,00

Teacup lid

White, Ø 9 cm
EUR 29,00

Bowl with base

White, 17,5 cl
EUR 65,00

Teacup with base

White, 10 cl
EUR 59,00


White, 17 cl
EUR 35,00


White, 35 cl
EUR 49,00


White, 1,2 l
EUR 169,00

Teapot lid

White, Ø 12 cm
EUR 27,00

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