Lyngby Rhombe

Block Candle

White, Ø 5 cm

EUR 13,95

Product description

A stylish, year-round block candle from Lyngby, which matches the Rhombe collection to perfection. Crafted in white, fully refined special wax and at 25 centimetres tall, this block candle will be a fine addition to your interior decorations. Matched with a candle holder from the Rhombe collection, it will look lovely on a table set for two or more. It sends a clear signal that you consider every detail of your design theme. The Rhombe collection is composed to reflect a fine, neutral style that is reinforced by the Block Candle. It is the final touch completing a Lyngby porcelain interior. Add a block candle and the right mood will instantly become a core interior element of your home.


Lyngby Porcelæn
Fully refined special wax
5 cm
25 cm
Please note:
Warning: Never leave lit candles unattended and always place them out of reach of children and pets. Always place the candle holder on a non-flammable surface away from flammable materials. Never let a candle burn right down. The heat can cause the candle holder to break and may help cause a fire. Never move a lit candle, as the wick can drift off-centre in the liquid wax. If the whole candle catches fire, the flame must be extinguished - not blown out.

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Lyngby porcelæn

Generations of perseverance, classic elegance & respect.


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